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Crazy Hoops Abducted by King kong!!!

My Family in King Kong's Grip at Universal Studios.

Dawson at his 4th Birthday,wow he looks like Bray.

Dawson Lee Enters Our World On June 21st,2003

My Son,Dawson Lee was born on June 21st,2003 and weighed 7lbs 8ozs
and was 20 1/2 long..he completes what I call 5 Crazy Hoops.

Braytons Preschool Class (2003)

Brayton at the Childrens Museum.

Brayton and his friend Ryan at the Childrens Museum.

Mackey Clause

He's coming sooner than you think Mackey Clause
is coming to town,My dog Max a.k.a.Mackey,dressed up
like Santa.

Shelby in her favorite hat,Holding 2 of her favorite books.

Brayton ,Just smiling for this Photo.

My Front yard that I decorated for Halloween,The Pumpkin Patch.

My yard in the dark all lite up,Isnt it spooky?.

Another part of my Yard ,I decorated for Halloween,The GraveYard.

Shelby rolling one of many strikes to come in her life.

Brayton rolling one of many strikes to come in his life.

My Dog Max beggin for a Treat

My 1968 FireBird,Dang I miss that car.

Brayton and Shelby pose like 2 Elephants

Shelby and Brayton holding their new easter cat and dog.

Boomer caught drinking milk from my cup,his Milk Mustashe gave him away

Brayton and Shelby holding our 2 cats Boomer and Sassy

Shelby with that Beautiful Smile

My First View From An Airplane...Phew (I Was Nervous)

Shelby and Brayton on Nickelodeon's RollerCoaster

Brayton posing at Pumpkin Works

Shelby Finds A Sea Shell While Brayton Watches

My Beautiful Wife Tammy

Shelby and Brayton Pose Beside an Historic Cannon

Shelby posing at Pumpkin Works

My Other frightning View from An Airplane....Blahhh

A mans grave is guarded by Crocodiles in Pakistan...Believe It Or Not!

Me on the Roller Coaster The Legend at HolidayWorld

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