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Take a peek below at a few of my Favorite Sites...


Here's a few Links to my favorite Actor ever....

Adam Sandler

The Official Adam Sandler Web Site

Beths Adam Sandler Site

WaterGirls Adam Sander Site

The Shiksa's Adam Sandler site

Daisies Adam Sandler Site

Here is my every day links to my favorite BaseBall Team ever...

Chicago Cubs


Chicago Cubs Sports

The Cubs Den

The above link is where I spend a great deal of
time drawing,YouDraw is a great site,check it out .
If you go there do a picture search using my name
- Paco Hoopingarner. - the place for Kids on the net


Nick Jr - Blues Clues,Franklin,Kipper etc...

Heres a cool site ran by my friend Lena..A.K.A WhiteGhost

WhiteGhosts Family Homepage

Here is a site that the Kids and I enjoy and I'm sure you will too...I also grew up on them..
Heres those Pesky Brady's

The Brady Bunch Shrine

The Mens Pro Bowlers tour website one I visit often,
It has Pros Bios,Tournament results and upcoming
stops,you gotta check this one out if your any kind of
Bowler at all...

The Womens Pro Bowlers tour website is very
Interesting,has Pro's Bio's,Tournament
results and losts of neat stuff.......check it out!!!!

Here's a good bowling dicussion site,comment to companies about balls or talk to people
about site,a definate must try.

Eteamz Bowling Boards

This site here is a very good site,You can Complain about anything on here or just read other peoples Complaints.
trust me there are some very funny ones and some serious ones....Check it out.

This Device will guide you through my Site