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Dexter SST 8

Dexter SST 8's

Ebonite Skull Ball

Hole Finder Pearl * Profit * Pink Panther * Skull Ball

Wondering what's In My Bowling Bags,You Ask?
Take A Look Above.

Upcoming Tournament(s):
Vigo Bowl Mens ShootOut

Vigo Bowl
Nov 20th and 21st



Paco Hoopingarner

High Games:

300 (16),299 (5) and 298 (1)

High Series:

800 (9) - 824,821,813,813,812,810,*804*,803 and 801


245,203 and 202

Tough feats:

Picked up the 7 - 10 Split

Picked up the Big Four

Hit My Bowling Alleys Strike Pot For 2,000..Whew I Was Nervous.

Tournaments I Won:


My Team won the Mens Shootout at Vigo Bowl $250 a man.


My Team Won the 15th Annual Mens ShootOut at the T.H.B.C.
I averaged 226 for 10 games.


My Team Won the 12th Annual Mens ShootOut at the T.H.B.C.
I averaged 220 for 10 games.


My Team Won the 6th Annual Mens ShootOut at the T.H.B.C.
I averaged 227 for 10 games.


My Team came in 2nd at the Super Bowl Shoot Out
I averaged 220 for 6 games.



I Won the 9th annual "Italian Open" held at Lucky Strike Lanes in Clinton
I averaged 217 for 12 games...The Trophy above is what I received,plus $$$$$$

Bowling Tips:

Here is a tip to double your (Shadow Bowl)practice. When bowling (Shadow Bowl)practice before league, shoot at the ten pin for your first ball, then the strike ball for your 2nd ball. Next Time, shoot the seven pin first, then the strike ball. This way, you never get a strike and get 2 balls every frame (This helps Warm up the Wrist,Arm,Etc...)Strikes don't count for anything in practice.!


I go into league every night with my head screwed on tight,try not to make simple mistakes and try to pick up all my spares...spares make your average!

Once again I cant express how Important picking up your spares are,because one night I shot 731 with 12 spares,22 strikes and no opens...


I think bowling in the World teams challenges has help me to adjust much quicker to house conditions.

I know for a fact that bowling in the traveling scratch league has helped me over all,even though there are several houses I struggle in,every nights new blood.

Last but not least,
Watching the way other bowlers attack the lanes helps line me up,so to all you young bowlers,be very observant out there...what you see ,you usually don't forget.


I know from Experience that we seldom have time for practice,I can't express how important that practicing is.

You should always try new things in Practice and not just try to put the Strikes up,but to "tweak" those weak areas of your game...

Famous People Who Love Bowling

Kid Rock Also Loves To Bowl

Here James MacArthur Tries To Knock Down The Pins
You May Remember Him From The TV Hit Series "Hawaii Five-O

Laverne and Shirley were also big fans of Bowling

Laverne and Shirley again pose for the love of Bowling

Janeane Garofalo as the Cocky Bowler, whose weapon is a clear bowling ball with her father's visible skull inside

Well what can I say,Bill Murray made the film"King Pin"

Micheal Jordan is a very big fan of Bowling,
Here he receives a custom drawn self portrait
of himself on a Bowling Pin

Fred Flintstone is a huge fan of Bowling


I designed this for a Bowling Ball company.

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