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My Drawings

Please...Have a Look!!


Here is some of my Drawings and wall mural Paintings,I
labeled them,please feel free to LOOK at them,even comment on them by
emailing me.... or say Hi in my guest book!

All Pictures were Drawn by Paco Hoopingarner
(Click on Drawings to Enlarge them)

This is one of my Favorites,Indian Father.

I painted this in Braytons room,The JungleBook

Brayton Racing,I painted this in Braytons Room also.

Genie from Aladdin.

This one took me almost a year off and on but, well worth it.

Here I drew my favorite Pro Bowler,Bob Learn Jr.

Thumbs Up,I drew this Pilot from a newspaper ad

Here I drew my favorite BaseBall Player ever,Sammy Sosa.

I painted this on a wall in a pool hall.

This picture I drew a few years ago,The Fog.

I painted this also in a Pool Hall,just below a Bowling Alley.

I call this Drawing,Boy on Fence.

Dumbo,I painted this on Shelby’s Walls.

This is a older sketch I did quite a few years ago.

I did this Jacket for a friend of mines Dad.

Hercules beside Hades,again in Brayton’s room.

Peter Pan Painted by me on Brayton’s Wall.

Timone and Pumba from the Lion King.

Beauty and the Beast.

Here is Arial from the Little Mermaid.

Another older picture I drew,the Reaper.

This Device will guide you through my Site

I will Add pictures here as much as I can,I am still hunting down pictures I have Drawn -- Paco